Mustard Growing

Mustard growing makes economic sense, agronomic sense and overall management sense in many farm operations.  With increased risk from climatic variability, increasing production costs and overall enterprise risk, growing Yandilla Mustard gives you as a farmer a clear productivity and level of profitability in your rotations from this local Australian business.

Central West and North West NSW are the initial areas where growers are being encouraged to join the Yandilla Mustard Growers Co-Operative due to the initial facility being based in the Dubbo region.  If you would like more information complete this form.

The Economic Case

Mustard is a global commodity that Australia plays little to no part in.  However, domestic and international markets are both growing given interest in more drought tolerant crops and non GMO crops from both a farmers production persecutive and a consumers food safety point of view.
Yandilla Mustard growers are guaranteed a better seasonal and long term farm farm-gate price when compared with other oil seeds as our value add and production of products are regionally based and linked to long term supply chain agreements domestic and to overseas demand.

The Agronomic Case

Mustard will grow more economically than canola in drier conditions and can be highly competitive for yield and return to that of canola plus Mustard is subject to less insect pressure and disease symptoms resulting in less inputs than alternative oilseeds such as Canola.  Due to good early plant vigour and fill of crop canopy suppression of harder to kill weeds can be had and due to the spice factor of the mustard some insect pressures are far less so savings can be had in insecticide inputs.  Mustard has far great shattering tolerance at harvest so an option to direct head harvest can result in savings.
Along with management of the crop from your Agronomic and crop management advisors Yandilla Mustard Growers has agronomy services and crop monitoring included in Membership.  David Ward of Dubbo NSW is Yandilla Mustards agronomist and a driving force in the transformation of the mustard industry from boutique to scale.
Growing mustard is only one part of a dynamic farm enterprise so understanding growing conditions and crop rotations between our membership is important so collaboration of management is essential in the success of Yandilla Mustards members and investors.

Become a Grower

All our growers are members of the Yandilla Mustard Growers Co-Op.  To apply for membership and hence the ability to grow Yandilla Mustard, apply using the form